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Hello everyone, Like everyones know finally lg p350 received jelly Bean(cyanogenmod 10.2[unofficial]) , since lg stopped supporting this device devs've started a hard work to update this device.

All AndroidArmv6 Team specially @PecanCM , @osamabinary, @kD, @iptux (remember if i forget you and sorry)
and at the moment we're getting stable rom of jellybean

Jelly bean 4.3.1
Whats working:
Sd card
Other that i don't remeber

Whats not Working ??
Few small think

what is wrong on this rom ?
We have finally 4.3
You should test because seems more smooth than cm10.1

Jelly Bean 4.3.x:

the rom was in alpha stage, but kD is working for stable rom.

where i can find more info ?
- you can search for kD Tread in Original development section.

What can you do for support dev?
Be active, test and respect!

Thanks to everyone that is working
if possible donate or pay a drink for them

For user:
I am not omnipresent. If there will be a new update, report here and i will provide to mod the post.

enjoy cm10.2 :thumbup:

Credit to AlfonsoADR (from galaxy mini) base of this post.