Default debris under screen

So last year my screen cracked and I got it replaced. I've noticed over the last couple months getting debris a little at a time in between the glass and digitizer. Obviously the seal they did was crap. Has anyone else had this problem and Ben able to separate the screens and clean them? Thanks!
Phone: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 32gb (Verizon) w/ZeroLemon 10,000mah Battery/ZeroShock Case
ROM: AllianceROM B1, NC4, Android 4.4.2
Kernel: Stock NC2 4.4.2 unsecured

Tablet: ASUS TF300T 32gb w/Keyboard Dock
ROM: Kat-Kiss CM11 Nightlies, Android 4.4.4
Kernel: GEASS F2FS v7.0