Default [BOOT ANIMATION] The Matrix Boot Animation

I've been looking for a good Matrix Boot Animation for long but never found one. So decided to make one for myself.
Finally , here it is.
The matrix rain, followed by 'The matrix has you' message and then loops back to the rain.

540x960 at 30fps

Root Explorer required
Imp:It is recommended to make a backup before trying to change system files
,just to be safe.
  • Using your explorer go to /system/media and rename the existing '' to 'bootanimation.bak'
  • Copy the to /system/media
  • Set permissions to rw_r_r
  • Reboot.

Preview: Just a small one.

My friend told me,there was life outside the internet and that I should check it out.
I said "Cool.! Send me the link. !!"