Tablet dell venue 7 xbox 360 controller

hi guys, so i have looked around and i didn't see any threads for this, so i guess i need to post one.

i have a dell venue 7 tablet, its on android 4.4.2 right now, but the problem applied beforehand also, so i don't the os is the problem, also, not rooted.

i cannot for the life of me get the wired xbox 360 controller to work, the ring of lights just blinks on and off, every time.

im pretty sure my OTG cable is just fine, i can connect a kb/mouse fine, and some other peripherals but i cannot get the 360 controller to be detected, the same goes for a wii controller via bluetooth, they are both official controllers, but neither will detect.

i would appreciate if someone knew the problem and posted the fix.

thanks in advance.