Default My findings with the s4 screen

So as you know the kit kat update brought back the smearing (which was more or less hidden until know) and is the most noticable when you are on the lowest brightness. But also there is a green tint on lowest brightness, most noticeably in videos. Now as you know apps like screen adjuster reduce this problem but what i found is that when activated screen adjuster (15 on contrast in my case) does the following: i was in youtube app to test and in portrait the video didn't had any green tint, while in landscape the tint appeared. And with some other video player (like mx) the tint was gone and the smearing was reduced or even gone. Note that in mx i wasn't using the screen adjuster app. So maybe just maybe there is something in the software that samsung messed up. If a dev can look into this maybe we can figure out something.

Thanks in advance and i apologise if these things were known and i wasted your time.

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