Default Help cant root xperia s

So after trying some more new roms out I cant get back to stock rom bootloader unlocks and locks ok however I cant root phone

I have been following many different guides and this one worked.

Download XperiaS_LT26i_6.2.B.1.96_KernelOnly.ftf | 6.33 MB

Download FlashTool from below link, if you don’t have it.

Download flashtool-

STEPS for ROOTING :- ( Below steps are for root 6.2.B.1.96 firmware Xperia S )

Workin on both Locked as well as UnLocked Bootloaders.

Enable USB Debugging and unknown sources option on your phone before proceeding. Do not use other kit version except V18.

Download Flashtool, Open it. Flash the “XperiaS_LT26i_6.2.B.0.211_KernelOnly.ftf” file on your Xperia S. It is the kernel of an old firmware of Xperia S which was rootable.
Reboot your Xperia S after flashing. Connect to PC in USB Debugging mode.
Do not forget to close FLASHTOOL. CLOSE FLASHTOOL , before proceeding next step or you will get serious error.
Extract the downloaded “” file and run the “runme_win” file.
Follow onscreen instructions to root Xperia S and once it is rooted, device will reboot. Verify that you are rooted, run SuperSU app.
Now switch off your Xperia S. OPEN FLASHTOOL.
Now you need to flash “XperiaS_LT26i_6.2.B.1.96_KernelOnly.ftf ” file in order to get back the true kernel of Android 4.1.2 6.2.B.1.96 firmware of Xperia S.
After flashing, disconnect the phone from PC, reboot it and your Xperia S is now rooted and we are done with rooting Xperia S 6.2.B.1.96 firmware.

However Now trying to repeat to fix and get rooted and other stuff back on phone doesn't reboot and add super user.

Before I got the following

Now it just goes though the commands like it is doing something says done but does not reboot or show the popup like that.

Anyone got a working guide how to lock boot loader up proper n good think already done that and checked and says bootloader unlockable YES as as posed to unlocked