Default Phone BAD battery drain

Happened yesterday. Froze as I was unlocking it. Hard reboot. Went from 24 to 36 hours with 4 to 5 yours of screen on time and about 1% loss in 2-3 hours on standby, to showing about 6 to 7 hours total usage time and a 3% drain every half hour in stand by.

Stock rooted JB, nothing special. Ideas? I'm not seeing anything jump out at me using battery specs or wakelock programs.

Update: Some testing and watching while at work revealed nothing strange. No wakelocks or anything. Thought maybe i was having an audioout_3 issue because its partial wakelock count was at the top of the list, but not astrinomical, and the phone is verified to be going into and staying in deep sleep. 82% battery the phone is telling me there's under 11 hours remaining. That's WAY it possible something shorted intetnally when iy froze on me yesterday?

Posted from my LG G2
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