Default [Free for 3 Days] Clean Design multifunctional clock When!

2014, the mixed salad of Timers will come to your phone! The perfect combination of Timer + Stopwatch + Alarm + Countdown = the ingenuity that you can’t imagine. The unique simple clean interface makes you love it at first sight. The user-friendly Live Tiles make you work more efficiently. With Windows Phone 8.1, you can share it’s charm with your friends. With more functional than iOS apps, and simpler design than Android apps, click the purchase button, you can make your phone more marvelous! Download “When”, experience the beauty of time.

1. The cute ring of Timer interface let you master the pace of time.
2. The countdown supports Live Tiles and Windows Phone 8.1 custom background.
3. You can change the App's theme color.
4. Graceful designed label for Alarms and Countdown

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