Default Titanium restore

Just go S5 yesterday. I have an S3 that fell down and ended up with a crashed screen. Lucky me I have done Titanium Backup yesterday morning. Now I moved the extSD Card to my new phone, rooted my S5, installed Titanium Backup and pointed it to the folder existing on my extSD card, which has the backup files I have done on my S3. Also I had a copy of my Internal Storage of the S3 on my extSD Card, so I pasted this to my Internal Storage of my new S5. I restored half of the apps but then all of them get error at opening 'Unfortunately, xxx has stopped'

I am now on my Play Store uninstalling each one of them then installing it again. So far the ones I have installed have worked. But ofcourse without my settings. So I am starting from scratch.

What is the reason for the above error ? Is there any fix for it ?
Samsung Galaxy S III
Acer Iconia A501 Alexandra ICS