Question [Q] Beating MobileIron on a Rooted S4 [MDL]

First my phone's details:

Model: Samsung-SGH-I337 (AT&T)
Android Version: 4.2.2

Here's the situation...

I'm an IT guy (low on totem) and we're in the Pilot phase for Android using MobileIron. I have a rooted AT&T 32GB S4 and I'm trying to fool MobileIron into believing my phone is compliant. I have done lots of reading on this subject, and nothing has helped, to this point. I have access to the MobileIron server, so I can register, and de-register, my device as often as I want. I plan on reporting this back to the people who get paid more than I do to let them know how secure this is.

Here's what I've tried:

1. I have installed Xposed Framework, and installed RootCloak, but it has zero effect on MobileIron. I couldn't even get to the point in MobileIron setup where I could download our 'secure apps'. (I am aware that RootCloak moved to Cydia, but I read it wasn't as good)

2. I tried using 'Hide My Root' from Play, and that also had zero effect on MobileIron; I got no further than I did with RootCloak.

3. I tried using 'Hide Rooting Lite' from Play, and I was able to download our 'secure apps', and MI required that I create a password/pattern to unlock my phone. In my opinion, this got past the first level of authentication that MI requires, which is a step in the right direction. I have recently learned that MI also scans your list of installed APPs for any APP that requires root.

Do any of you think that changing the names of some of my apps (Titanium Backup, Root Explorer, etc.) would help fool MobileIron? What about trying to DualBoot ROMS? If the secondary ROM that I setup is not rooted, and I have MI installed on it, would it be able to detect root from my primary ROM?

Any help, or ideas that I have not thought of yet, that you geniuses can provide would be greatly appreciated!!
Phone: Galaxy S4 (32GB [AT&T])
ROM: Stock, Rooted
Build: JDQ39.I337UCUAMDL