Default Tesco Groceries app v 7.2.1 (UK) - need older version, can anyone help!??!


Myself (and many others it seems reading the review on google play) are having issues with the latest Tesco Groceries app in the UK - version 7.2.1 which updated on 13 April 2014.

This latest version of the app wont run on my Nexus 4 anymore, it just crashes out. Does anyone have the version before (or even a few before) that they could rip and upload? I'd be in your debt forever!!

Thanks in advance!

Nexus 4 16GB (KOT49H 4.4.2 - STOCK - ROOTED - TWRP recovery - FRANCO NIGHTLY)
LG-V500 16GB (CM11 4.4.2 NIGHTLY - ROOTED - TWRP recovery)