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This is a review of Favi Boomerang Mini wireless Bluetooth speaker.

It's a bird... It's a plane, It's a... maybe a headphone? No, it's a new wireless Bluetooth speaker from Favi, like nothing you have seen before! With so many wireless speakers I have reviewed in the past, I wasn't 100% sure what to expect just by looking at the image on the box it arrived in. I guess Favi guys took thinking outside the "speaker" box literally to come up with Boomerang idea for their product. Have they succeeded? Let's find out!

Arrived in a box with a lot of detailed images and functionality description, I was still a little bit puzzled considering there was one picture with a silhouette wearing it around the neck and another one with a phone wedged in the middle. Taking it out of the box revealed something that resembled a folded headphone which also included bonus accessories of usb to micro-usb charging cable and 3.5mm audio cable and a detailed user's guide. The construction of the design felt very solid, especially when unfolded, made out of high quality plastic material with metal reinforcements around folding hinges and metal piece inside of "headband" for a secure springy action. The speaker itself wasn't too heavy, but still had a heft to it showing that it's not a cheap toy.

Once unfolded, you'll find 2 active speakers facing forward with a metal mesh grill at the tip of each side of "Boomerang". There is also a combination of two pairs of passive bass radiator, according to diagram on the back of the box, and two open bass port on the sides. On the inner side toward the edge there was 2 grooves to hold your smartphone in between with a decent clamping force. As a matter of fact, it was strong enough for me to pick it up easily with a phone inside, and to carry it around. While placed on the surface, you can adjust the position of the phone which changes the angle of speakers facing forward. I know there was an image of silhouette wearing these speakers around the neck, and I was actually able to fit it as well (considering I do have a thin neck), but I would NOT recommend doing that since its a very tight fit. As a standalone speaker or with a phone wedged in-between - this was one of the most interesting and innovative designs I have seen to date.

On the left side inside of Boomerang, you find the micro-USB charging port (battery lasts up to 10 hours), on/off switch, led power indicator, a mic, and AUX input to connect directly from headphone jack of your source in case if you don't want to or can't be paired up wirelessly. And speaking of that, the pair up was a breeze. As soon as I turned Favi on, I was able to discover it with my Note 2 right away, and it paired up with a phone and media audio flawlessly. Furthermore, you can also pair it up by tapping NFC area labeled with a sticker on Boomerang. The wireless range covered a typical 40ft of a distance.

In addition to media play, it also comes with a mic to be used as a speakerphone, where it performed well. But the shining star of Boomerang performance was the sound delivery! Rated at 4W, assuming 2W per speaker, sometime you don't expect much. As a matter of fact, I was a bit skeptical thinking Boomerang was more about the design and the looks rather than a sound quality. Was I in for a big surprise! These little speakers packed a hell of a loud sound presentation which I was able to crank up almost to the max without too much distortion. Though not exactly being able to drive a deep bass, the sound was actually full and clear, and had a bass punch enough to make it highly enjoyable. Also, considering that you are dealing with two speakers on each side of your phone, the sound had a good stereo separation.

Overall, I was VERY impressed with Boomerang design, quality, and sound performance. The convenience of Bluetooth and NFC pair up, a long lasting 10hr battery (depending on the volume), very innovative idea of expansion sleeve design to hold the phone, great clean sound, and a compact folding storage (wish they would have included a travel pouch) all together adds up to a great value currently available on Amazon for $59.99. Just don't get discouraged by the labeling of "iPhone" in there since Boomerang is universal for use with any phone or tablet that supports Bluetooth. This Favi Boomerang Mini speaker definitely gets my high recommendation!

Here are the pictures.

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