Default I need help to get S-on, and Relock the bootloader.

Trying to return to complete T-mobile stock, I was previously on ARHD,
1.I flashed the Odex ROM,
2.Sideloaded the T-mobile Firmware update, that updated the hboot, radio, recovery ect. *Unrooted* at this step.
3. Ran the Official T-mobile RUU
4. Now I am stuck at Trying to get S-On, and then relock the bootloader. I see both options here in the All in one. The option for s-on gave a huge warning, about having the stock RUU, and Hboot. Any assurance in just pressing the button without messing up anything? If I get S-on, I then can just Relock the bootloader correct?

I've asked here in the thread that has the all in one. 19 hours ago with NO help.

Device: T-Mobile HTC ONE M8

Previous devices Nexus 5, Nexus 7 FHD LG G2, Xperia Z,Nexus 4,LG Optimus G,SGSIII X2, HTC Evo LTE, SGSII X2, Nexus S, Epic touch, HTC Evo, HTC Hero, Touch Pro2,