Unhappy [Q] HELP!!!!! sch-s740c No Recovery/Download mode

My Discover sch-r740c wont boot pass the SAMSUNG Boot Logo it stuck there.
Can't Access Recovery Mode or Download Mode also it doesn't wanna Hard Reset nor anything.
I took the battery out put it back in after 10 to 15 secs. Nothing does the same thing, either its on samsung boot logo
or black screen.

What happen was I accidently instaled the 3.0.8~ak51OC~Centura-v1.4 Area Rom Kernel for the Centura.
I I thought i was using my Centura & installed it to my Discover now my phone isn't loading pass "SAMSUNG" boot screen
wont boot to Recovery or Download mode, so wat now? HELP PLEASE!!!

EDIT: didn't mean to post the poll, sorry.