Default [Q] Q-Tried multiple recoveries no ROMs flash

So I'm tying to help my best friend flash CM11 on his e970, it's rooted and had TWRP installed. I did a full backup and attempted to wipe data, system, cache, and dalvik. It would start then flash off and then back to TWRP again. Doing this one at a time showed that the error happened when attempting to wipe data. I tried the latest Phil's CWM and backed up wiped fine but when I attempted to install CM11 either M6 or the 052114 Nightly it gives a status 7 error. So I tried it with the latest CWM touch recovery and the same thing. Backups restore each time. I then attempted to flash Mokee thinking it must be an.issue with the downloads, and still status 7. Any ideas? Thanks, every time I google the error I read it's a recovery issue, now I'm not too sure it is in this case. 3 different recoveries and 3 different ROMs. I did keep the phone on ice to keep it cool when it was getting hit to be safe.