Default [Q] Stuck in Download Mode

Hey everyone I'm quite new to android, and I'm currently stuck in Download Mode after trying and failing to install Twrp 2.7
I was previously rooted, tried to install Twrp via Autorec, however when I ran the app it soft-bricked my phone and put me into Fastboot mode.
I followed method, and got back to Download Mode.
I am currently in the middle of returning to stock through using the .TOT method.
I'm fairly close to repairing it but my only issue is that I cannot get my computer to recognize my phone. Neither in Device management nor adb devices anymore.
Therefore I cannot change the port to COM 41 to flash the .TOT file.
I constantly tried installing drivers for the phone both 3.10 and 3.08 but still no recognition can anybody help?

Some more info about the phone:
it's the D801 variant but its on Wind (Canada) not T-mobile
it was previously rooted
it did not have any recovery software installed
no roms had been flashed previously.