Default [Q] flashin stock recovery for OTA Update


I got an htc one m8 stock ROM rooted with S-ON and stock kernel.

Custom Recovery : TWRP

I want to get back my stock recovery for an OTA update, i found this thread but i don't know what stock recovery i have to flash and i want to know about this :

Q : Can i apply an official HTC OTA on my stock rooted rom
A : Yes but the system apps (carrier branded apps included) has to be 100% intact
So i removed a carrier branded app but i have re-installed it. Does it count ?

m8 informations:
- Android 4.4.2
- Rom
(French "SFR Carrier" OTA Update

Edit :
you can update with root access and an unlocked bootloader as long as the rom is fully stock.
How ? when i apply update my phone reboot into custom recovery...

Edit 2 :

Ok i have the answer on the teamwin website.