Default [Q] Headset with 3 button controller


I tried to use my HTC headset (HTC RC E240), but the phone can't make a difference between the 3 buttons. Every click is registered as a center button click. I checked with "headset button controller" in debug mode

I tried with different roms (stock 4.2.2, 4.4 beta, b507 by rencla, Omni) with the same result. A different pair of earphones with a 3 button control (always Htc) behaves the same way.

They work flawlessly with my htc one x+ and my SGS2.

oh, and now that i think about it, I can't manage to make it recognize the triple (or quadruple) click either

Is there a way to make the phone tell the difference between the 3 buttons, or is it a hardware limitation?