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hardware key light up with : 【ROM】【4.4.2】【UNOFFICIAL】CyanogenMod 11.0【04-06-14】【GPL】【HYBRID】
i flashed with twrp... and all seems fine. am missing having a camera though lol
i dont use bt. but switched to the ART runtime. after automatic reboot had constant fc's on android.ui. instead of prying of my otterbox to pull the battery i just rebooted via adb reboot recovery. wiped dalvik and cache and all was good. ART stuck. KSM doesn't seem to want to stick though...
any links for setting up pages/ scans settings under memory settings? and dalvik settings?
liking the ROM for sure though. very nice work. i had given up on kit kat a couple months ago cause there was always a deal-breaking problem on any build i tried. i can do without a camera better than most thankfully.