Default Problem with Huawei Bootloaders

Apparently I've come to realise that HUAWEI (no matter how I love this company) their bootloaders have craaazzzyyy serious problems. I've so far tried to unlock 5 huawei phones bootloader and I end up getting a serious type of BRICK the phone shuts down and thats pretty much the last time you'll see your phone light up. It behaves weirdly when you press the power key it flashes the lights of the three touch keys 10 (ten) times and that's the end. It doesn't charge, it doesn't boot to recovery,fastboot,bootloader etc
it doesn't even detect when connected to PC.
When I went to local techs they said "I ****ed the bootloader script. Other phones are repairable but not Huawei! "

Any senior guys here please HELP!!!HELP!!!