Question [Q] Noise cancellation issue after updating *FIXED

My phone has root, S-off, and I just updated it with the latest radio from Captain_Throwback (3.17.651.4). Right after doing that I flashed a new rom. I don't do many phone calls but after a couple days I realized people could hardly hear me. I restored the backup I had done before switching roms but I have the same issue there now. I'm guessing the problem came up from the radio update. If I yell the mic picks it up and passes it along. If I turn on speaker phone or plug in headphones the mic works perfect. Any idea on this one?

*I figured out this is the noise cancellation feature not working correctly. I blocked off the mic at the top and it works just fine. I thought it was strange that it was feeding my voice back to me, that's why. Any thoughts on disabling the noise cancellation? I took a quick look but didn't see any help.

**Got tired of waiting for help so I ran the 4.3 RUU. Working just fine now.