Default [Q] I'm having problems with VZW N3 after flashing to Tmo

I followed all the steps that I could find about flashing to T-mo and I have Voice/SMS/MMS but HS+/3G data. I tried the all things service mode steps, but I'm not rooted. Pretty leery about that, having never done it before and don't want to brick the only phone I have at present. When I restart the phone it cycles through the VZW start up 3-5 times, but it does finally boot and show service as Tmobile. Which made me wonder if I should go ahead and root and use Tmo's latest ROM. Also when I plug my phone in to my laptop I get nagged by Kies to update, so far I haven't but should I do so? I have the voice mail indicator from VZW and it won't go away, and all of my numbers I dial out have the +11 in front of them. I changed the dial setting to stop it from being dialed but it continues to happen. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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