Default [Q] Phone restarts when I reboot into Recovery

I have an android phone, Qmobile A500. Which last night I tried to Root, I tried out a new software instead of Bin4ry to root my phone. MtkDroidTools was used by me. Which in turn shell rooted my cell phone; this is the term I came to know after tons of Googling, that a partial kind of root is known as Shell Root.

I can even see that in the main page of the Software too. Yellow light of it, tells me that the Phone is not fully rooted, once I click on Root button. It gives me Rooted phone, but (shell rooted).

I have tried using MobileUNCLE Tools, to update recovery. I was able to get to recovery 2 times, but had errors. Now, everytime I reboot into recovery it attempts to restart into recovery and then restarts my phone back.

I tried uninstalling the SuperSU application, but it doesn't get off of my phone.

I don't know what to do now. All I need to do is to gain root access to install CWM recovery, I do have the recovery.img file. But I am not able to update the Recovery of my phone. Or if I can reverse this process and unroot my phone and reroot it using bin4ry that would be helpfull too. Any help guys?