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Hi everyone,

A firiend came over with his omate ts. It was already a mess so he left it to me to sort it out. I have to confess this is the first time ever handling a smartwatch, and a mediatek chipset, but I belive there is still hope. The apperent symptom is that it wont start at all.
He told me he installed a customROM but he had gps issues so he tried to revert it so stock. Somewhere in the process something went wrong and now the device wont boot at all, or atleast the screen stays black when power is pressed. To me beeing used to handling android devices I instantly told him it was hardbicked when we couldnt enter bootloader. How ever, I dont have experience with mediatek.
When docked to my computer windows gives an audio signal that a device is plugged in. If removed the same audio signal tells me its unplugged.
Also driver installation begins and ends with a fail message as seen in the video in topic. So something is probably still alive somwhere in there.

To me this was positive so I downloaded the flashtool and drivers linked in this thread.
First I installed the mediatek drivers for my system and they installed correctly. Second I went into the device manager and I have the device listed as unknown device. Manually updating the driver from there doesnt agree with windows as it tells me the driver is not accepted. This seem to be a problem.

Secondly I still tried to use the flashtool thinking that either it will work, or it wont. I wasnt suprised to see it didnīt. The flashtool stops at the first red bar saying downloading DA.

So I have a couple of questions regarding this problem. First would it be correct to assume I need to somehow sort out this driver issue or will it always say "unknown device" when the device is not booted? Am I correct in thinking that the device is still alive since it installs driver on connection to my computer? This seem like a soft brick to me but im not entirely sure since I have no experience with a device like this.

Thank you for your input!

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Just noticed this guide is marked as inactive, I will copy my post to the relevant thread!
Hey xxerkxx

I have the exact same problem, and I believe that many more have the same problem. I do believe that this can be fixed.
I don't believe that it is an issue with drivers since I was able to flash the watch with flash tool before I soft bricked it. Now It gets stuck at "downloading DA" same as you. I have posted a separate thread on the issue here; http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...php?p=52899002

Let's get these puppies going again!