Default Text formats editor with Dropbox sync

Hi, XDA forum!

I'm for years looking for app that would let me simple edition on ODT or DOC formats and synchronization with Dropbox of files. I checked Kingstone Office, and it has problems with synchronization for now.

To be fair, I don't need whole ODT or DOC as formats, but file format that usage bold, italics and underline for text, as it is for writing my creative ideas in travel. The thing is I could save it on Dropbox, and then develop more in comfortable way on my PCs in home. Or read aloud as it is on PCs.

I used before software like Elemenatry, but TXT files he would done was a bit problematic in reading on Notepad+++ after usage, as there weren't used end line signs.

What could you advice for me on Android market?