Thumbs up using Twrp and can't flash rom

so I made this mistake today and because of that I got a green screen of something and almost hard bricked my phone and decided to shear this incase you have that same problem if you are flashing a rom using twrp and getting an Error do the listed things before going crazy and flashing everything possible (that was what happened to me last time )
0) Restore form a back up if you have any which you should if you are not me
1) Make sure the System is mounted under mount menu (this was the case for me )
2)Make sure the zip is not corrupted ( so redownload it )
3) try other roms
4) if you get a green screen with text DOn't press random buttons unless you know what you are doing ( really I didn't get half of the text written there)
5) flash a new recovery try Flashing cwm (I have no idea how to do it successfully-ish but I am sure that if you came to this point that you have a rooted and unlocked device you know what google is
If you know any other ways or you know what that green screen meant make sure to post it below