Default [Q] Sprint LG G2 - No Backlight !!

Hi There,

I bought a Spring LG G2 LS980 on ebay with an non-working backlight with cracked screen. At the moment, I thought that the screen was broken beyond the LCD and that replacing the Screen, LCD and Backlight it would work. So I bought a new screen and replaced it like any other G2, but now the phone turns on and sounds tell me the phone is working and responding to my touch, but I can't see anything! The status LED is my only indication if the phone is off, booting, on or charging. Is this a software issue or am I gonna have to replace more chips? Thanks,


EDIT: So i did some testing around, and it seems like the flex assembly with the power buttons gets super hot when the phone is supposed to be on. When I press on the lower right contact between the screen and the assembly, the backlight flashes for a moment, so it looks like the connector is damaged. It is a hardware issue. Thanks,