Default (Help) MT6577 4.1.1 Signal Bug

Hello everyone

I had a Generic Android Phone running 4.1.1 (Myphone a848g)( a Filipino brand) and is MT6577Soc .. Dual Sim support.. Rooted Stock Rom.

Now my problem is about my signal on a specific network. When I set the network mode to wcdma only and turn on my mobile data , and after 3-7 seconds of inactivity , the signal of the two sims lost or signal restarts like that on newly boot . I tried removing the sim2 but still persist. And Note we had Good Signal on our location and the problem is not on our mobile carrier because I had tested on other phones.
And I also not like wcdma preffered because I am fan of downloading..

This Can be temporary solved if I will ping any sites on Terminal Emulator but it is quit tasking and eats battery much.

This also can be solved by changing a custom rom running 4.2.2 .. But I really cant leave the feature of my stock Rom especially the TV out.

Please Can anybody help me to solve this signal bug issue..