Default [Q] Need Help with LED not working on Beanstalk Rom Note 2 Sprint

Hello everyone! I am a long time lurker but really never posted before. Just want to say all you guys are great and I thank you and applaud all your hard work! Many thanks!!!

I have been serching for this solution but I can't seem to find anything. I am on Beanstalk-4.4.255-20140315-L900 with devil kernel (also used latest plasma) but my LED notifications do not work. I have tried xposed LED and light manager to see if that helped but it does not. I only get the LED showing when I charge, nothing else. Not a huge deal but it has grown to bug me pretty much recently. I love the rom and always seem to go back to it for my daily driver but am a bit discouraged because of this.
I read that someone talked about plasma messing up the LED notifications and that's why I switched to Devil. But, again, nothing.
Any and all help would be appreciated!!