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Hi! I am Brenan, web marketing personnel of a certain IT company. We have this POS software that runs on Android. A POS or Point of Sale system is basically used in stores or shops to automate ordering and payments. It also useful for business owners to take full control of their business and follow profit reports. We are little bit proud of the final product that we have though we are still planning to make changes from time to time. The app is now ready to download on Google Play for free, look for Kroid Cloud POS. You can check it out for us, please. In connection to this, we would like to solicit suggestions on what would be the best way to integrate Analytics for the app. One of our developer tried using Google Analytics but I believed she encountered some errors. Should we really use Google Analytics? What would be the benefit to use Google Analytics in our app? Sorry for these questions but we want to gather as much information that we need, especially thought from great minds in this forum. We would be very happy to listen from you. You can also suggest any positive or negative feedback with regards to our app's functionality and interface if you have time to test it. Thank you so much.

I want also to make this thread as a comment/suggestion/feedback thread for us to improve this POS Software to the needs of our target clients.