Default external battery showdown

so i got an anker 6000mah external battery and a romoss 16000mah battery from tmart for review recently and ive decided to do a little bit of a showdown here

A quick rundown of the differences here
Romoss Sense 6--------Anker 6000mah

I've only had the romoss for a day, and so far the battery indicator hasnt gone down yet having charged both of my z1 compacts.
The same could be said about Anker's Astro 2, i could only get about 1.8 charges(which is 4140mah out of the total 6000mah capacity)

in terms of size, i would recommend the astro 2 over the sense 6, for the sakes of having a smaller battery, the romoss is a lot heavier and not worth it unless you are a tablet user(with a big tablet, 9 inches and up), the 309g really really makes a difference.

features wise the romoss wins out, having 2 ports that charges at 2.4A and 1A respectively, versus the since 2A on anker's astro 2, both batteries can be used to charge the other! The romoss requires the press of a button to charge

Build quality wise both batteries are made of plastic, only romoss has a bit of plastic sheddings on the outside, stuff you can just blow away, id say both are pretty solid considering the romoss survived DHL's horrific treatment as can be seen in the pictures.

they are both currently priced at $30 at various websites

i was just sent this
product link:

Coupon code is:ROMOSSS6

promote price is: US$29.99