Tablet Kuno 3 root

I noticed a past post regarding a kuno tablet. I have recently legally acquired a kuno 3, and am hoping to re purpose it.


I am not a high school student trying to hack one. I am a college student, EE Senior and CS junior, and am taking this on as a personal project but my experience is limited to simple embedded system, HDL, and micro controllers. I fully understand that for the time and effort required i could just go buy a new tablet fitting my needs, but where is the fun in that? I have put little research into this subject, my understanding is that getting into the root is the place to start. As to what that consists of, i have little knowledge, except don't break it.


I don't expect anyone to have a quick answer, or to do all the work themselves. What i am looking for is a place to start. Resources, guidance, or sharing of your infinite wisdom is greatly appreciated. I will try to keep my progress updated, but not to the level a HS student will destroy the one they are given and waste all our sweet taxpayer dollars. Thank you for you time.