Default [Q] LG L9 MS769 Radio signal problem


Would really appreciate suggestions on fix a radio problem that I am facing with my LG L9 MS 769 phone running Android 4.1.2.

Issue: I stay at a place where the radio signal is quite poor and most often the signal indicator in the home screen indicates it does have some signal reception. Installed signal meters that display 87dBm., but if I try to make a call I get a message that says "Emergency calls only". This is observed only when the signal falls to zero and comes up again.

Phone information:
Android : 4.1.2
Baseband: L6260_MODEM_SIC_01.1305.00
Kernel: 3.0.31
Build: JZO54K
Soft.Ver: LGMS76910f

Observations: Additionally, in this situation even though the radio reports/has some signal, the CellID and the Operators are not registered.

Could you please provide your suggestions/any other forum link where a possible solution is provided