Question [Q] Phoenix 18.8 remote control bug


I'm a new member to xda and new in rooting/flashing, so I can only post here.

I'd like to thank first to developer of this rom and to contributors which enables us to use note 3 features in note 2.

Here i report two bugs I observed while using:

1) As some others reported in related thread, samsung remote control feature is not working. In another popular rom, Ditto Note 3 v5+, it is reported to be solved, so I wonder if a similar solution has been applied to this rom.

2) This is relatively less important; while using "pullup application" feature, regardless of which applicaton you chose by default, i get "unfortunately, samsung link has stopped" error message, even though i have never run this app (or it is closed). When it repeats every time, practically it makes using this feature less comfortable.

Thank you in advance for helps,