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here are some ported keyboards that work on our infuse 4.4.2 roms sharing link to OP cause i don't own it but thought you guys might like it
my work:

Custom Splash Screen Sprint/Boost/Virgin Mobile s3 Touchwiz Roms and some AOSP Roms

sorta my work :P Viper4Andriod S3 APP and Settings

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Boost Samsung Galaxy S3 running Wicked X v7.3

Past phone: latest to oldest
Samsung Galaxy Infuse 4G retired
Samsung Galaxy S 4G 3rd time around
HTC myTouch 3G slide
Samsung Galaxy S 4G 2nd time around
T-mobile myTouch
Samsung Galaxy S 4G
HTC Sensation 4G i miss you :'(
Motorola Backflip