Default [Q] Xposed unable to install update

I'm using KANG SOKP 4.4.2 rom on my GS3 and I'm unable to update my xposed installer (version 2.5.1 to 2.6.1), nor any module installed using xposed. Every time I try and download an update, it says there is already a package with the same name with a conflicting signature, and the installation fails. I'd like to avoid having to completely remove xposed and reinstall as a user app.

I tried to remove it using Ti Backup, rebooted and wiped cache/davlik, but it still gives me the same thing. I tried to install from the latest.apk and it still says "current version 2.5.1/new version 2.6.1" despite previous removal and installation fails as usual. Is there any way to avoid this conflict and install updates within xposed?