Default [Pics] SupCase, Tempered Glass, SkinIt Review

Thought I would post up a review of my case, tempered glass, and skinit cover. I could not find a case that I liked, so I created my own using this Supcase:

I then found a picture online that I wanted on the case and went to and chose the M8.

I also applied a tempered glass protector. Yes I know we have Gorilla glass, but I wanted more. So I got this:

After having everything installed since 4/17/14, everything has held up nicely. I have dropped my phone, but on carpet. No really bad drops on concrete or hard surfaces. Skinit sticker shows no wear. The case feels secure in hand and not near as slippery as the phone. The tempered glass shows no wear or scratches. My only problem with the tempered glass is finger smudges. But a simple run across a tshirt does the trick to keep it clean. I am happy with going this route. When I decide to change the look, I just have to order another custom sticker! No need to buy another case!

The case itself

The case installed. Yes the top of the case doesn't fit flush, but it doesn't bother me.

With Skinit custom sticker

Tempered Glass Protector