Default Need a little help flashing radio.img

Ok it's hopefully just something I'm overlooking but haven't gotten it to work so far. I have ADB and Fastboot set up on computer and the phone is T-Mob m8, unlocked, rooted, TWRP, Custom ROM, S-Off, Super CID. I have downloaded the radio zip, extracted the radio.img and put it in the adb folder in my c drive. Now I followed a couple of steps posted:

Fiash via adb:
1. Download the radio.img above
2. Put the radio.img file into your ADB folder
3. Open up command prompt and copy and paste the EXACT lines
4. adb push radio.img /storage/sdcard0/radio.img
5. adb shell
5. su
6. dd if=/storage/sdcard0/radio.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p20
7. adb reboot

I get cannot stat "radio.img" no such file or directory any suggestions? thanks
T-Mobile HTC-One M8
Rom: Android Revolution HD 10.2
Firmware: 2.22.1540.3
S-Off - Super CID
Recovery: TWRP v2.7.0.2
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Rom: WICKEDô v10
Kernel: BioShock 4.3 v4.1
Recovery: TWRP v2.5.0.2
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