Default [Q] Note 3 Seanoid Enforcing on boot up Bell mobility


Im sure there is a walk thorugh somewhere but I am unable to find one that has been able resolve my issue. I have recently attempted to root my phone using cf-auto root.I am using a Note 3 sm-n900w8 bell mobility. I am unable to restore the frimware or factory reset my device, each time it will get stuck in the boot page apon start up stating boot mode- seanoid enforcing. I am able to turn the device on and use it if I turn the device on in boot mode then select restart.
I am unable to factory reset the device within the phone menu itself or using kies. Kies actually cannot detect the device.I have tried an ova updated and it wont let me as i am running a custom frimware. I have attempt to locate and find the original frimware and im having difficulty doing so. I have yet to trip knox. Can any one point me in the right direction or to the correct frimware. The current frimware on my device is n900w8vlucnb7