Default When I close the last tab in browser, I get "about:blank"

Well, I decided to ask here, because I am having a strange issue.

On my N7105 (CleanRom V5), to exit the browser, I used to close the last tab in the browser. Then, the browser used to exit, and the next time I opened the browser, it used to open with my home page.

Since some time, when I close the last tab in the browser, I get a blank page "about:blank" and the browser doesn't exit.

I have an exit button in the browser. So, I can close the browser by clicking this button, but I prefer having two ways to exit the browser.

What I don't understand is, I even reinstalled the rom, but the problem is still there.

Does someone have an idea?
Galaxy Note 2 (N7105)
Galaxy Note 8.0 (N5120)