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Is there a way to go from twrp to Cwm?
same way as you got TWRP on there you just flash it.

the guide makes no assumptions about what state your phone is in, other than the ones mentioned, so please read all of it (at least once or twice), there is also a walk-through in post #8 as to what you can expect, use CWM method

Post #1, post #2, post #5 using the following:

ruu.zip: http://www.htc1guru.com/dld/ruu-zip-...78_signed-zip/
....... AFH mirror: http://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=23329332407584993

nandroid: http://www.htc1guru.com/dld/m7-cwm-n...013-04-09-zip/ (actual version is 1.28.771.6)

stock recovery: http://d-h.st/Vg2#.U4deuiiMrg4 (this should avoid the "freezing" part for your situation)

make sure to check MD5 on all your downloads!!

read post #8 for a visual, once you are comfortable following the guide proceed, if you are not comfy with it (or think you can skip a few steps), then please do not, ask instead.