Question [Q] Star S9 Chinese Phone Cracked screen

I have bought the chines Star S9, fooled by the low price and extremely high specs, from here:

And I must say that despite the phone having terrible battery life, randomly going to sleep, being on constant roaming (it was charging me as normal - ufff), having weird chines app installed that couldn't be removed (spyware or surveillance - never know with Chinese), the smart cover not working and having the most absurd themes(there was in fact no way to delete them or go back to original theme) i was happy having payed 175 pounds for a phone with FHD screen and 32 gb rom. Then after a month of it it dropped from about 50cm to a wooden floor, and the screen cracked in two(irony is it split right down the middle - left hand side is unresponsive while right works fine). When will they make screens that last (i know that iphone screens are good, but for android i heard ppl complain even about newest phones dropping from small distances and cracking).

Anyways here finally is my question. Does anyone know or have any information where i can get a replacement screen? Even the part number of screen would be helpful. Hell the website of manufacturer would be a plus (many star phones on Amazon but no manufacturer website - WTF??)

Message to all, DEFINITELY DO NOT BUY FROM CHINA or from outside Europe and America. 2nd DO NOT BUY CHEAP CHINESE PHONES I know just how tempting it is but save yourself the trouble and waste of money.

Thnaks for any help given,