Default FS: Microsoft Surface Pro 2 256GB w/ Type 2 Cvr, Power Cvr, 2 Power Adapters, & Case

For Sale: Surface Pro 2 256GB LOADED with all Accessories

Surface Pro 2 256GB
Surface Type Cover 2 (Charcoal)
Surface Power Cover (Charcoal)
Bluetooth Keyboard Wireless Adapter
Two (2) Charging Adapters
Leather Pocket Case

[Phone] Evo 4G Model 0003
[Recovery] Amon RA 2.1.1
[ROM] Myn's Warm TwoPointTwo RLS 5
[Kernel] ROM standard - htc-kernel@and18-2 #15
[Theme] ROM standard
[Launcher] Launcher Pro Plus
[Root] Universal Auto Root v2.1
[Mods/Apps] SetCPU (rocks battery life with screen off profile), DarkStar font (optional downloads section), Theme Launcher Pro 0.8.2 for Warm TwoPointTwo (optional downloads section)