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OMG I'm dreaming of a bokeh kind of background for the notification drawer with very very light colors to suit my self modded notification pulldown.

Kind of like in this video but even lighter: DIY: Bokeh Light background effect: http://youtu.be/VEAuO4ZQSVE

What can I say. I'm a sucker for lightness!

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Hi. Not sure what you're saying (or asking?). That video is over 4 minutes long. If you want to make an animation you'll need to start by choosing what 5-7 seconds you want to extract to create an animation loop, then follow the steps in the OP to transform it according to what you want it to look like.
Are you about to ask a question? Hold up. Before you do that, did you check HERE?
The Box - a mostly undiscovered app...Seriously, at least check out the nice video promo.