Default 3G Problems Non Sprint

Hi i'm not sprint user, i'm using different provider in my country

i have 3G all the time (doesn't have LTE here yet), voice call and sms working. But my 3G speed is really2 slow, somehow my speed is capped to 50kb/s normally i can get 200kb/s in my area. i have samsung s1 CDMA here with same provider and there's no problem. i ned patch for custom ROM but not with stock ROM

Some said that because sprint lock my EVDO if i'm using different carrier. The carrier provider here not to friendly so i cannot ask for their help . is there any way to unlock that?

I Already tried ##RTN# and i have trouble to enable my voice call and sms , and i already tried to zero my EFS still no go

Doing a little research, my AN-AAA status is pending in DEBUG. I already tried LG service Menu to set "undetermined" but somehow the setting is not stick, after reboot, the 3 option there just blank are that normal? my parameter for data stick tough

APN modifying not helping, what ever i input i still have 3G

To be more clear i'm from indonesia, using smartfren carrier.

Maybe i can get more clue from you guys non sprint user. and helping other user

Thanks, and sorry for my bad english