Question [Q] Swap Internal memory and MicroSD

I have seen a post on G+ ( and also remember people discussing during KS that one could "swap" the Internal SD Card (in other words the space that makes up the 8GB) with the EXTERNAL SD (MicroSD) card memory.

I have already installed a 32Gb MicroSD which I have been using since I got my TS.

As I intend to put a 64Gb MicroSD in my TS and since I have already almost reached the "out of memory" state, I want to do this swap.

Has anybody tried it? Could you share the method in a step-by-step way here?
Will I end up with 8GB's of program memory (that is going to be used automatically for app installations and other android internal tasks)?
Do I need to copy the current contents of the Internal and/or External space in order to subsequently copy it back once the swap is done?
Do I also need to copy the contents of the main memory in order to copy it back afterwards or is that not affected at all?
If I do a Titanium backup, can that be used to restore everything back to normal? Will it restore to the "swapped" places?

Many thanks for any and all help
HTC Desire