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Note 3 Review + Samsung it self

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By skypekestutiss, Junior Member on 28th May 2014, 04:03 PM
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Note3 after 4 weeks usage ( I have in collection S4, S3 , S2 , Tab8 )

On the paper specification is really pleasant 3gb ram fats CPU and USB 3 and etc…
But these 3 GB of ram ? really do you need this 3gb. Fast CPU but, does the apk is optimized for this CPU – GPU NO some apk works ok some not Some games loading fast some NOT and ….it is always waiting for updates to fix this

Samsung phones start remember Windows operating system Updates and updates and new Phone after 6-8 month

Anyway it is not the phone hardware fault but mixing samsung apk + bloatware apk with android become tragic Samsung have they apk store + knox for the point security for ???? Samsung : store , link, hub, sync , S voice and other 50 applications and plus on this top you have android applications

My review point :
I have looked to Apple side but the price for devices always take me back to Samsung I’m talking 2010 -2012
My First samsung products S2 , S3 was something really good new design and compare to iphone 4 , 3gs at this time offers lots for the money + the price was half price as the iphone

NOW NOTE 3 I have accident and the front glass smashed
To replace on Note 3 Screen Samsung Service center want 180 Pounds ebay 130-160 For the screen assembly + you do not know are they not refurbs

Iphone 5s screen on ebay for 40 Pounds Ipad Retina Mini the screen + glass lens for 55 Pounds on ebay

Iphone / Ipad will be my next device and I think I will move completely from Samsung

From 2013 to now Samsung Increased devices the prices + bloatware

Galaxy S4 when released cost same as Iphone 5 But the quality for build 2 times less then Iphone

Software Optimisation IOS on Iphone Do you need more to say more ….

My 3 year old Ipad 2 have still full day battery life all games working fluent all apps working ???
Ipad 2 have 512 mb of ram and dual core CPU ? but runs ok fine

Note 3 with 3 GB ram must be killer for my old Ipad 2 but ……… I have run simple game Angry Bird go and Note 3 Was more lag than Ipad ??? Same with other games

Forgot to mention battery life Note3 :
Sometimes when I do some intensive stuff like playing with pictures editing , games . video , the battery indication drops 1 percent per 1/2 minutes on Ipad 2 I can play all day and still have battery left
The next Year I will be replacing Note 3 to Ipad mini Retina 4g + cheap android phone now Im stuck with Samsung but not for long …………..

1 To expensive to buy same price as Iphone but the quality 2 time less
2 bloatware by default tray to remove losing warranty WOW
3 battery life ........
4 Performance Ipad Retina mini will outperform any Samsung device by graphic by CPU ....
5 Quality of the device Samsung all plastic
6 Parts to replace samsung will be 2 times more expensive that Iphone
7 Samsung phones do not keep the price at all you pay same money as Iphone but when you need to sell you will get nothing If you want to sell Iphone you always find good price money for the used one so paying high price from the begging latter can sell as well high price

28th May 2014, 04:49 PM |#2  
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28th May 2014, 06:53 PM |#3  
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I detect a troll. If its that bad, just sell the N3?

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>Sammy Note 10.1: stock, no root
>Sammy S3 stock, no root
28th May 2014, 08:31 PM |#4  
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Info 2 i
Originally Posted by skypekestutiss

1 To expensive to buy same price as Iphone but the quality 2 time less
2 bloatware by default tray to remove losing warranty WOW
3 battery life ........
4 Performance Ipad Retina mini will outperform any Samsung device by graphic by CPU ....
5 Quality of the device Samsung all plastic
6 Parts to replace samsung will be 2 times more expensive that Iphone
7 Samsung phones do not keep the price at all you pay same money as Iphone but when you need to sell you will get nothing If you want to sell Iphone you always find good price money for the used one so paying high price from the begging latter can sell as well high price


I m from Collection of Galaxy Nexus - Galaxy S2 - S3 - Note 10.1 2013 - S4 - Note 3 on Samsung Smartphones
*** Nothing better than this >> that u can modify you phone.
even kernel, rom and install lots of batch ro boost up performance
It s Android >> OPEN SOURCE
-- -- -- -- --
what we have on iOS?
no rom! EVEN no Launcher
what is kernel you don't know.
you need more battery on galaxy device u can replace it by another one what if u need more battery on iPhone? just some cases.
-- -- -- --
true high-end smartphones are Galaxy devices then other manufacture like Sony, LG and etc

28th May 2014, 09:54 PM |#5  
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It is not about trolling Samsung this and this I have the device for me no point to do this I just tired from Samsung and want to share my experence in the last 3-4 years of using Samsung devices

It is about real life situation what I have now

I have looked another Samsung device tab pro 8.4 What Samsung done again put up dpi resolution and put 801 CPU GPU and on the internet if search can find that the GPU is not design for such high resolutions so the people from the first day getting poor performance Im not talking about home screen performance but gaming browsing etc

So the price I in Tesco 279 Pounds WOW it is looking amazing price so good But now do comparison to ipad mini retina amazon uk 272 Pounds

and any people in this forum can say that the Samsung pro 8.4 better that Ipad retina ? Please want to see your arguments

For gaming performance for battery performance for updates and etc

Today I have updates for Note 3 to UENC2 Firmware 2 Gb to download it is not a problem But I have spend 1 hour after to delete all bloatware

I need to use superuser chainfire to get root but my warranty validated because knox has been tripped I know before when I done this because better I will trip knox that I will live all bloatware inside the phone

Yes the phone maybe more smooth other test haven test

Second about kernels and other roms

I will never ever use any rom from internet ..... I do no say that rom developer can steal my data but Im always left this possibility
and second if you look the forum people updating this roms each week or couple days adding more stability bla bla it is looks that Samsung must not have any issues at all as so many people fixing but if read forum always find this better rom tweaked

So if all roms so good it must be rom without any problems at all but always will be 200 pages talks with the problems ?

Samsung employ programmers I do want to this they are "educated" creating exyons CPU and sorry for my saying so rom developer are better than Samsung team ?????? because they can fix the rom problems ??? I do missing something or Samsung need to replaced they employers ??? because they do not working just adding bloatware that all they can do ???

anyway I told what I wanted to say it is free country

28th May 2014, 10:40 PM |#6  
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adding to my morals

when I looked for upgrade s4 I have looked note 3 as the best experience phone etc .... bigger screen s pen 3 GB of ram I think that this phone will fly on everything

Now camera Yes it is good but all internet comparing IPhone camera as to other phones why ??????? Looks like iPhone camera is the best..

Cover I need to buy smart cover for 40 pounds if you want Samsung original or ebay for 10 Pounds copies some not working after chip identify Samsung put on

Now in the car I need to connect via Bluetooth because USB is not compactible with android it was created for IPhone WHY WHY WHY android do not have same as iPhone same design connections protocols ?

USB cable the USB 3 is very good fast speed but the connector now is double size it is not complain as original apple connector was 30 pin or ... so it was bigger but apple move to small lighting connector and Samsung going different way from small connector to bigger WHY ?

Now sound dac Snapdragon have they own dac not like Ipohne people love on note 2 Glalxy s3 dac Samsung decide to go with snapdragon dac

CPU GPU Samsung created exynos 5422 yes it is better chip then before but still not as good as IPhone dual core


the performance from this gpu is superb compare to snapdragon ....

My point I paying same price as IPhone but getting quality as 2 times less in performance in battery etc ...

I like android and I want to part of android because YES IT IS giving freedom some way But do I have choice for good device NO
29th May 2014, 02:15 AM |#7  
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Please don't feed the trolls

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29th May 2014, 06:18 AM |#8  
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With android as our operating system we can choose the manufacturer of our choice. If the build quality was a very big issue then why didn't you choose HTC one M8. M8 beats the iphones in terms of build quality and even the HTC is providing a free screen replacement in case of broken screen.
I cant get the fact that you are comparing the battery life of the note 3 with other tablets. In the case of battery life note 3 has a flawless victory over the iphones.
Plus android provides the power of customization which beats all the features in IOS according to me. Widgets is another advantage for android over IOS. I guess by your above posts you may have not even rooted your android device. There is a whole another level and things to do with a rooted device.
If your problem with the OS you can always install a custom rom. The vanilla android roms provides a minimalistic operating system with smoothness over features. I guess you have not researched before buying your device. There are many devices like one plus one and nexus devices which provide the best value for money and best android experiences. The S pen features is something that you would never get from an IOS device.

Above all android provides a freedom to do what the hell we want with our device. Please stop your whining and get yourself an iphone, because you wont be wanted in this open source world. Goodbye
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30th May 2014, 10:56 AM |#9  
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Great now I'm providing a little food and water. I look at the comparison of iPhone vs note as apples to kitkats. Both phones have great hardware. The iPhone has a superior camera. Note 3 has a massive edge in screen size. Hardware performance seems like a wash, both phones can handily blow through any task you throw at it. Battery life goes easily to note 3. Replaceable battery and sd card give note 3 a huge advantage in storage and longevity. Out of the box iPhone's IOS seems more polished vs. Samsung's heavily modded android os. The s-pen has a plethora of features the iPhone can't touch. The iPhone has boundless accessories created by independent manufacturers. But the main selling point to me is customization. IPhone can be jailbroken and freed from apple's iTunes monopoly and skinned, but with root the note 3 becomes a god. Through debloating, tweaking, root level/custom apps and roms the note 3 is a beast. But here's my question for you; why come to an android development community where everyone has already chosen a side? Personally I think you would be better finding an iPhone community full of sheeple. If you're not willing to customize your phone in any substantial way, I think you've come to the wrong place.

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30th May 2014, 11:24 AM |#10  
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troll detected
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