Question [Q] Soft keyboard with HTML5

Hi there, first time poster. I was wondering if someone could answer a few questions for me as it pertains to HTML5 and bringing up a Keyboard on Android (any version). I am a website developer and I have recently gotten into making my web applications mobile friendly, but I'm running into some snags when trying to get a certain keyboard to show up on Android / iOS and I'm wondering why it's not a bigger issue than I've seen so far.

Right now, if I add an <input> onto my page and add type="number", Android will pull up a keyboard that has numbers, etc. My problem is, the field I'm using isn't a "real floating point number", which all major browsers (except IE11) disallow. If I have an input set up to take a credit card number, I cannot allow the user to add dashes to make it easier to read while using type="number". However, I'd rather have the number keypad pop up by default as it really is all numbers, just not a calculatable (is that a word?) number.

I was wondering how difficult it would be for Android to add in something so when a field is clicked into, it would look for a specific vendor prefix to load a soft keyboard of the web developer's choosing? For instance:

<input type="text" data-soft-keyboard="number">

<input type="text" data-soft-keyboard="email">
which will give the device very clear and explicit instructions on which type of keyboard to display.

Sorry if this seems way out in left field, but I haven't found a decent solution to this issue. I went to Chrome forums to discuss and people said Chrome is 100% working off of the HTML5 spec. My personal opinion is that the HTML5 spec is wrong and why the hell are browsers doing validation against data in textboxes when I didn't specifically ask for it. However, I'm not really sure which direction to go at this point.

Any suggestions or opinions on the matter would be very nice, thank you