Default If you want to save $100 on the Boost S5

This might have already been said but Boost is offering $100 off any phone if you port your number. Well having google voice as my main number I could care less what number I have so I purchased a Verizon prepaid Gusto 2 for $12.88 at Walmart and activated it. Then went to Boost and had the number ported and saved myself $100 on the S5. I know I roughly saved $85 but it was worth it. I did this in-store BTW. The guy said the offer was going to end in May but he said they were extending it through June. I could have ported my Straight Talk number but I like to keep a GSM phone and a CDMA one. This is for all the phone junkies like myself
Sprint LG G2 on Verizon Prepaid. Galaxy S5 on Boost and Nokia 1020 on Straight Talk AT&T