Default [vk810][altev]stock 4.2.2 ROM backup (using TWRP)

This is a backup taken using TWRP of the stock LG 4.2.2 ROM

This is only for the vk810 Verizon LTE model (product name altev)

/system and boot.img (kernel) is backed up (/data is backed up too, with 0 files in it). stock recovery IS NOT included (scroll to bottom of post)

Download: stock LG 4.2.2 for vk810 Verizon LTE model

I've removed a lot of junk apps from this version below. Let me upload a clean version (with all the junk)
(a lot of junk apps removed) my site(last resort)
  1. You need TWRP installed
  2. Untar and copy the folder somewhere on the device (Windows: use p7zip)
  3. Boot to TWRP
  4. Backup your current ROM.
  5. Yes, remember to backup your current ROM
  6. Wipe cache/dalvik/data
  7. Restore this backup within TWRP
  8. Reboot to ROM
  9. Once ROM boots, it'll say "Preparing your tablet" and get stuck there for some time (probably copying files from the /system to the empty /data partition

If you want to restore stock recovery, you'll need to do it manually via dd
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sure get it here:

shouldn't need to loki patch it
just copy it to your internal storage and flash with dd

open your terminal on your pc enter the following commands

adb shell


dd if=/sdcard/recovery.img of=/dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/recovery


just make sure the commands are exactly right
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